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Oh Dang! started in the fall of 2006 as a humble indie arts and culture webzine to cover the lifestyle, music, fashion and art scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With a small but dedicated staff, we’ve transcended the superficial coverage found in most magazines and websites by maintaining integrity, responsibility to our readers and a (slight) sophistication with our fresh perspective, unique voice and original reporting. We’ve conducted revealing interviews with a diverse array of artists, highlighted the achievements of upcoming fashion trendsetters, and reported on educational and community issues. In addition, we offer daily downloads of new mixtapes and mp3s from up and coming artists.

In our original mission statement, we asked our readers to grow with us. Now, as we near our three-year mark, it’s time to extend our reach beyond the web. This summer, we launch the first in a series of free promotional print magazines with We're Broke and So Are You: The Recession Issue, as a thank you to our loyal supporters and a late pass for those who’ve slept on the site. You can view/download the digital edition here.

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The Oh Dang! team

The M.O.

By Zoneil Maharaj

I’m not the most intelligent person. I had to look up what M.O. meant. Then I had to look up what a modus operandi was. Like any member of the digital age, instead of going to a dictionary, I Googled it online. Who wants to waste all the energy getting out of your seat, picking something up, opening it, thumbing through pages, and reading? I’d rather sit at my computer, one hand on the mouse, the other placed on my what? as I sift through porn and hip-hop sites. That’s why we’re here. To bring dope indie arts and culture coverage to the internet for lazy people like you (it’s up to you to find the porn).

Yes, we can hear you crying, “But there are so many online magazines tangled in the internets? What makes yours so different?” Don’t be a dick about it. Those other mags and sites can’t cover everything from every angle. We’re like your bored girlfriend and these other mags just ain’t hittin’ it right anymore.

So please, read, enjoy, spread the word. We ain’t in this for the money because we’re not making any. This is a labor of love from people who have a passion for indie arts and culture. As an immigrant born in Fiji and raised in the U.S., I grew up lost and confused. Do I speak Hindi or English? Eat with my hands like I do at home or use a knife and fork? Kill a goat and cook it – balls, brains, and all – or grab some fast food like the modern American? Worship an elephant with four arms or some wack job who thought he was the son of God?

While pondering such questions as a kid, I stumbled on to YO! MTV Raps. From that moment, I knew what I wanted: a dookie gold rope, a girl wit a big ole butt, a geri curl, and some rap tapes. Laced with the knowledge from my older bros, cousins, and friends, I became a fiend for hip-hop and its culture. There’s nothing I can speak on with more depth and knowledge than hip-hop. In fact, I wouldn’t care about global affairs, politics, societal ills, poverty, etc. if the artists I admired hadn’t kicked knowledge in their songs. Ironically, it was through this music that I began to embrace my own cultural differences and form my own identity. My love for hip-hop led to an affinity with street culture and all that it encompasses. It was from this passion that the concept of Oh Dang! was born.

If you feel it, then check our site often and tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Let’s grow.

Zoneil Maharaj


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