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Willie Isz: Georgiavania

By Kimberly Turnerreviews
Jul 21, 2009 - 4:56 PM

Listen to "Blast Off"

Download: Willie Isz - "Blast Off"

Georgia’s Willie Isz are definitely marching to the beat of their own drum, embracing all things weird and zany with their debut, Georgiavania. Composed of rapper/singer/producer Jneiro Jarel and Goodie Mob member Khujo Goodie, Willie Isz are mad scientists hard at work. Together they tweak and twist hip-hop rhythms until they’re barely recognizable to the untrained ear.

If the mercury poisoned Mad Hatter from Alice & Wonderland had a stereo, Georgiavania would be his tea party playlist. Squealing guitars clash against accordions and synthesizers while Khujo and Jneiro’s gruff, southern rhymes remarkably keep pace with the unconventional rhythms. The Irish jig featured in “The Grussle” is less river dance and more grimy street corner. Some of the tracks, like “Autopilot,” channel Prince while others are all 80s new wave.

It’s safe to say that these two emcees are truly original. Even the “aaargh!” scream they ripped from De La Soul’s “Ego Trippin’ (part 2)” sounds warped—like a guttural noise that sounds like something a demented carnie working the county fair haunted house would yell to scare the bejesus out of small children.

Watch yourself Toto. We’re not in Kansas anymore. This is Georgiavania.


Kimberly Turner is Oh Dang!'s resident music critic and pastry fiend. And No!, she's not fat.

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