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The Teaches of Peaches

By Marisa Torres & Photos by Nathan Weylandreviews
Jan 26, 2007 - 12:00 AM

Peaches performed before a sold out crowd at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on December 16, 2006. During her performance, she brings drag queens and go-go dancers to the stage.

Peaches is best known for her notorious hit “Fuck the Pain Away,” which was featured in Lost in Translation and during the Old Man Balls scene in Jackass 2.

Once again the infamous Peaches brought San Francisco’s electro-loving hipsters to the historical Fillmore on December 16th for the hundredth show of her American tour in support of her latest album Impeach My Bush.

After the success of her first two albums The Teaches of Peaches, released on Berlin’s Kitty-Yo label and FatherFucker released on XL, it’s not hard to figure out that if you wanted a ticket to this show you better have gotten it pre-sale.

The UK band Whitey opened the show and played their 80’s influenced electro-hipster music to an audience of knee-popping, shoulder-shaking scenesters. Sounding like the Faint meets Jet crossed with every 80’s new wave band you can think of, it was hard not to want to join in and dance with the rest of the underage fans, who were obviously naive to what Peaches had in store for them next.

Now Peaches is not for everyone. In fact, this Canadian native can be down right raunchy, but in that empowering, don’t-fuck-with-me female type way. Her and her all female band brought the crowd into the world of Peaches, where she strips to different outfits almost every other song and, shares a stage with drag queens and go-go dancers in pasties.

Her music has been classified as “electroclash,” which sounds about right. It’s a little bit drum n’ bass/techno, with rapping, a touch of punk and some sort of Lisa Crystal Carver inspired performance art.

Peaches did all of the classic tracks off both albums that kept the audience engaged as they danced to the hard bass lines of “AA XXX,” “Operate,” “Shake Yer Dix,” “Rock Show,” and “Stick it to the Pimp.”

Peaches is a performer that must not be missed. Her and her band go all out and, since it was the last show of the tour, she celebrated with a bottle of champagne that she promptly shook all over the crowd.


Marisa Torres is a staff writer for OH DANG!

Nathan Weyland is a freelance photographer.

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