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Deep Rooted: The Second Coming

By Zoneil Maharaj

Jan 30, 2007 - 2:11 PM

Deep Rooted’s The Second Coming was the first CD we received for review when we started OH DANG! back in September last year. Of course, I got all geeked and set it aside and ended up misplacing the shit (sorry ya’ll!). After doing some cleaning recently, I found the disc buried beneath a pile of papers and slipped it in. Now I’m regretting having snoozed on this. With their own brand of “feel good music,” this San Diego crew delivers an album full of soulful, laid back grooves for their sophomore release. Former Battle Axe Records emcee Mr. Brady and San Diego veteran Johazz spit uplifting, conscious lyrics with DJ Artistic working the turntables and sultry songstress Brea providing the infectious, melodious hooks.

Having a full-time singer is a risky move in hip hop where R&B singers are only employed for a couple radio friendly hits. With that said, if you’re looking for hardcore boom bap rap, you won’t find it here. This here is head nod music.

The soul and r&b influence is evident on every track. The lead single Celebrate sets the pace for the album with a laid-back, hand-clapping vibe.

Though little is known about the group, aside from Mr. Brady’s indie rap rep, they sculpt their own distinct sound with The Second Coming, which features guest spots from Planet Asia, Abstract Rude, One Be Lo, Oh No, among others. On “Break of Dawn,” Mr. Brady foreshadows his crew’s success: “Overlooked but in a minute that’ll all change. Yeah, I’m makin’ beats. Yeah, I got rhymes. Never really braggin’. I’m just gettin’ mine.” Hopefully these cats get their due props.

The only downside is to the album is that the “feel good” music can feel a little too good. The lack of variety in the production makes each track blend together with little variation between tracks. Not that it’s a bad thing. The album captures a calming mood of positivity and an early 90s hip hop vibe. Trust your head will nod, but if you’re not in the mood to relax and chill, you might just nod off to sleep.


Zoneil Maharaj is the editor-in-chief of OH DANG! Magazine. He is afraid of heights, so he may never climb off his high horse. Send him love letters at zoneilsucks@ohdangmag.com

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