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Kanye West: Graduation

By Len Vinasreviews
Sep 14, 2007 - 12:28 PM

In the minds of hip-hop heads everywhere, this year September 11th will not be remembered for the tragic events of 2001, but for the album releases of self-centered, arrogant, and heavily opinionated Kanye West with his third record, Graduation, and drama king 50 Cent with the release of his album, Curtis. How can the release of Kanye’s and 50’s albums outshine what occurred six-years-ago? It’s simple. If Kanye West sells more records than 50, then 50 will retire from the game that has given him money, fame, and all the ladies he could ever ask for (i.e. Vivica A. Fox!).

After carefully listening and comparing both records, all I can say is G-G-G-G-oodbye Curtis Jackson; West has outdone you with a well-crafted LP. The lead singles, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Stronger” are hot, but they're only the tip of the ice on his Jesus piece with this record. West could have chosen at least four other tracks that could have been lead singles.

The third single off the album, “Good Life,” has an uptempo feel to it, making you want to get up, dance, and “throw your hands up in the sky.” And it features T-Pain, who has been on almost every radio hit in 2007. Kudos to Kanye for using T-Pain on the hook because not having Pain on a song this year would be like West not complaining after an award show, it just doesn’t feel right.

Clearly, the hottest track on Graduation is “Flashing Lights” featuring Dwele. The song starts off slow but the beat hits hard with the background handclap and the repetitive voice over of flashing lights. Detroit native Dwele, who last released an album in 2005, sings the hook.

Other notable songs are “Barry Bonds,” who West uses as a metaphor of being the best in the game and how this record will be another hit. Barry Bonds, like Kanye, is the most controversial figures in his respective business. Other notables include “Everything I Am,” “ Champion” and “I Wonder”.

After being a college dropout and late for registration, West has finally reached Graduation. With this release, Kanye becomes the teacher and schools 50 on how to put out a blazing album. Sorry Mr. Jackson, you're gonna have to stay back another year.

*** Len Vinas is a freelance contributor to Oh Dang!

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Sunshine Mexico says:
September 27, 2007 1:57 AM
Mr. West should call his next album "Masters Degree" because it's like he graduated on this album but then he decided just graduating isn't enough so he's gonna take it up a notch and get his masters. All the track titles should be school-related too, like "book," or, "study." Shit like that.

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