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By Marisa Torres

Aug 18, 2006 - 8:25 AM

Jeru the Damaja blesses the Bay with a show at Club Six

There are concerts and then there are events, and Mind Spray, put on by 808 Media and Kleome was an event. With various Bay Area DJs spinning -(Jah Yzer, Ren theVinyl Archelogists, Satva)- in one of the three rooms that Club Six has to offer, this was an event to see and be seen. The downstairs basement had people getting hyphy and feelin themselves and the music too, while the upstairs had big screens playing skate videos and a guy selling really good smelling Mexican food.

In the Dark Room next to the entrance is where all the performances took place. The room was a little too small to hold all the people but hey, I guess it makes the show a little more intimate that way.

First up was Biassco from the Living Legends crew. He came out and did an impromptu session with a live jazz band. It was something that should be done more often as these types of performance show how skilled an emcee truly is. The rhymes change as the beat of the band changes. And the fact that I love jazzy hip-hop doesn’t hurt either.

Then it was time for the main event: Jeru the Damaja, who came out with his DJ and that was it – no hype man or entourage needed, just the Damaja and a mic. I had to push my way through the crowd to get a good spot, but it was a show I’m glad I didn’t miss, especially since he doesn’t do too many shows on the West Coast.

Everything was going good; he was doing all the songs that made him a legend: “One Day,” “Ya Playin Yaself,” “Come Clean,” “Da Bitches’.” He even did a few tracks off his new album Divine Design. Then out of nowhere, this guys jumps on stage and straight sucker punches Jeru in the face and runs out the door. Next thing you know, Jeru throws the mic on the floor and chases after him out the club and half the crowd follows. A few minutes later he comes back in and continues his show, obviously confused as to why some random dude would do that.

A photo booth, three different bars, three rooms of good hip hop and reggae and some good ass Mexican food enhances the experience of seeing one of the most entertaining shows, I mean, events I’ve been to this summer. Jeru was everything you hear on his albums: his hard hitting lyrics were on point, his beats were undeniably dope and he took what would normally be just another show and turned it into an event you wish you didn’t miss.

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