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Boot Camp Clik - The Last Stand

By Marisa Torres

Aug 28, 2006 - 3:31 AM

The Last Stand is finally here, and once again the members of the Boot Camp Clik prove why they are considered among Bucktown’s finest.

For over the past ten years Sean Price, O.G.C. (Orginoo Gunn Clappaz), Buckshot, Tek and Steel, and Heltah Skeltah have come together to form the Boot Camp Clik and have blessed hip hop fans with two classic albums, For the People (1997) and The Chosen Few (2002). After four years the long awaited 3rd album, The Last Stand is finally here, proving why they are Bucktown’s finest.

One thing fans can count on for any BCC album is that the lyrical content will always be strong and right on point. Each rapper within the crew is known to rock the mic with rhymes so hard, gritty, and raw, you feel like you’re standing on a street corner listening to them do their thing.

For this album the BCC has taken a different route on this one, beat wise that is. They’ve enlisted some of the best producers in the game. Some might say that they jumped on the beat making bandwagon by having 9th do three tracks for them, but who cares. 9th Wonder never makes a beat you can’t bob your head to and when it’s heard with the rhymes of BCC, it turns into a track that demands attention and respect, like “Here We Come.” First you here 9th’s simple vocal sample, and then Rock from Heltah Skeltah hits you with his growling hook: “Here we come/ what’s ours is ours/ what’s yours is ours/ Brooklyn keep on taking it/ we taking all you cowards again.”

The Pete Rock-produced “1-2-3” gives the album a beat that is on a lighter tip. It softens the album a little with a more relaxed, vintage sound that only Pete Rock can create. But don’t think that the BCC has become soft because a few tracks later, the hard drums of “Trading Places,” a Ken BB produced track, will blowout your speakers. Other producers include Marco Polo, Large Professor, Attic and, of course, Da Beatminerz, just to name a few.

In case you thought those four years the Clik were working on their separate ventures might have caused some dissention within the group, this album will prove you wrong as it shows no signs of that. All it shows is that this seasoned crew will always drop an album that reminds us that they are here to stay.

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