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A-Ron: Know Your History

By Zoneil Maharaj

Jan 30, 2007 - 3:01 PM

In December, we thrrew a party with DJ A-Ron in celebration of the pre-release of his Know Your History mixtape. That’s because we don’t endorse any wack shit.

Know Your History is a seamless blend of hip hop classics. While most are obvious selections that any kid with a hard-on for Sheila E in the 80s should own on cassette (Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story,” Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y,” N.W.A’s “Fuck the Police,” et al), other offerings are lesser known. Rather than running with Gangstarr’s “Mass Appeal,” he instead chose “Now You’re Mine.” Same goes for other forgotten classics like Showbiz and AG’s “Soul Clap,” Mary J. Blige and Smif-N-Wessun’s “I Love You” and the Fugees’ “Mona Lisa.”

Now before you brand this review biased, know that the album does have one flaw: all of the songs come from the late-80s and up. Hip hop history runs deeper than that. What about Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, or Kurtis Blow? Let’s hope there’s a follow-up with more obscure classics from the annals of rap.

Overall, the mixtape is a dope introduction for newjacks who don’t know that Musiq Soulchild’s “Buddy” is a new spin on the De La Soul classic, which also appears on the mix. Besides, you’d have better luck finding Osama at a soul food joint than finding a 30-track mix with so many classics. Plus, there’s a short freestyle drop by Frisco sauce boss Conceit and an exclusive remix of 2pac’s “Old School” by 4OneFunk mixtape master and DJ B. Cause. And, since A-Ron’s a Bay Area native, you know he had to put on Mac Dre’s “Too Hard for the Radio” to put the thizz-poppin hyphy kiddies in check.

And for $7.50 on Paypal, what have you got to lose? Support your local DJ and cop it. Visit A-Ron’s MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/officialbaylab to pick it up.


Zoneil Maharaj is the editor-in-chief of OH DANG! Magazine. He is afraid of heights, so he may never climb off his high horse. Send him love letters at zoneilsucks@ohdangmag.com

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