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A dream deferred?

By Zoneil Maharaj, Photos by Angelica Flores and Steve Wake

Jul 16, 2007 - 9:14 PM

East Oakland Community High School, a school with a progressive perspective and radical approach to education, has had a tumultuous three-year history. Attacked on all fronts—from district officials labeling the school a failure to neighbors blaming the school for increased crime to media producing one-sided reports—the school hardly stood a chance to survive. Despite public support and protest, the school was forced to shut down.

In June, the school year ended and students bid goodbye to the classrooms some considered a second home. Unbending, students and faculty continue to fight to ensure what happened to them will not happen to others. This is their story.

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Zoneil Maharaj is the editor-in-chief of Oh Dang! You can reach him at zoneilsucks@ohdangmag.com.

Angelica Flores is a freelance photographer who documented the march. She was kind enough to lend us her photographs.

Steve Wake is a science teacher at East Oakland Community High School. He, too, was kind enough to let us use a couple of his photographs.

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