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The Ghetto Food Critics: Roadside BBQ

By Eric Jordan and J. Alcantara (of the Ghetto Food Critics)columns
Aug 22, 2007 - 6:53 AM

Roadside BBQ (2nd Ave. & Geary St., San Francisco)

When we first arrived at Arby’s, I mean, Roadside BBQ, the GFC crew was struck with confusion. Is it a fast food joint? Is it a chain restaurant? Will I get my food in a French fry basket or on a plate?

As we grabbed our seats, our eyes gazed over the excessively decorated walls. Was this place Party City or Overstock.com? No matter where they purchased their plastic pigs that were proudly hung above, the vibe was far from anything southern or barbeque related. You won’t find any barbeque enthusiasts here, nor will you find any award worthy BBQ.

As advertised, Roadside cooks their meat for 13 hours and compliments their BBQ with a variety of sauces such as an Asian ginger sauce, Carolina hot vinegar, and of course the classic BBQ.

We give Roadside props for:
-It’s tender beef brisket
-Ribs that fall off the bone
-The sweet potato French fries
-Clean restroom

No props for:
-Their dry chicken (all chicken dishes)
- Their price vs. portion (you don’t get your money’s worth)
-Walk-up counter food—with sit-down prices.
-No originality in flavors and identity
-The “hot” BBQ sauce was equivalent to Taco Bell’s mild sauce
-One bottle of Crystal hot sauce for the ENTIRE restaurant to share

When The Ghetto Food Critics think about BBQ, we reflect on the classic techniques and originality of the American pioneers who brought the art of BBQ to its forefront. We appreciate the backyard chefs of the world who romanticize over burning barbeque coals, the mouth-watering succulence of sweet ribs, tender brisket and the prime cuts of steak.

Real talk, pay attention…

It is the people who take the time, effort, and passion when grilling, smoking and barbequing, that keep this great traditional past-time alive. We credit those who wear that “Kiss the Cook” apron with pride, the people who wake up at the wee hours of the morning only to marinate their meat and fire up the grill, and the happy BBQ hosts that clean up after guests leave, knowing it was all worth it. At Roadside, none of this applies.

As the Ghetto Food critics, barbeque is especially placed at the top of our food list. It is a hood favorite. Whether summer, winter, spring or fall, barbeque will always be personal. BBQ is family, it’s a celebration, and it’s a means gatherings and good times. You could taste and feel the love when there is love put into making barbeque. So if you talkin’ barbeque to the Ghetto Food Critics, you better MEAN BBQ. In short, bring it! `cause that half assed shit don’t fly here!


We definitely wouldn’t kiss the cook, didn’t get that backyard feeling, and Roadside lacked the satisfaction of a down-home meal. Basically, without soul and without love, Roadside gets a double slap from Grampa’s spatula.

Sporks: 2.75 out of 5

GFC Crew

Visit www.roadside-bbq.com for more info.


The Ghetto Food Critics are a collection of young hip hop inspired food enthusiasts. Their purpose is to provide personal insight and opinion to readers on the dining experience within the Bay Area. Basically, they break down restaurants and let readers know what spots are cool or not, based on food quality, price, portion, ambiance and service. A high percentage of what they do come from outside references. Visit them at www.myspace.com/ghettofoodcritics and let them know where to go and they’ll give you the inside dish.

Comments (2)

Sunshine Mexico says:
September 27, 2007 1:41 AM
One time I took my uncles "Kiss the Cook" apron and replaced the K with a D and the whole time he was barbecuing I was dissing him. "Hey unc, is that barbacue sauce or diarhea?" Shit like that.

ray ban wayfarer nz says:
June 6, 2011 5:25 PM
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